The Mid-West Figure Skating Council Presents~
Mid-West Figure Skating Council Championship Series:  Silver Blades Figure Skating Club is a member of the Mid-West Figure Skating Council (MWFSC) and is participating in the Mid-West Council Championship Series (MWFCS).  Points will be awarded for Beginner through Adult level events in Freeskate, Dance, Light Entertainment, Dramatic Entertainment, Jumps, Spins and Compulsory.  Additionally, it is important to note that the required elements for these events will be the same in all the competitions participating in the Championship Series.  At this time those competitions are Heart of America, Wichita Mid-Continent, Pony Express and Line Creek Fall Fling.

Skaters competing in this Series will receive points for placement in each of the above events at the recognized competitions.  At the end of the season, the top point skaters will receive awards from MWFSC and the club with the most skater accumulated points will receive the Traveling Championship Trophy for that year.

There is an annual $5 registration fee to enter the Championship Series, which can be paid at the first competition the skater enters or by registering on the Council website at