We are incredibly fortunate as a club to have our own area at our home rink. As a group, we must take pride in this privilege and work together to keep it nice and clean. Please maintain and respect the rule of NO FOOD OR DRINK in our club room.  Please pick up any trash and empty the trash can when needed.


Please look through the “Lost and Found Box” located in the club room. This box will be emptied soon.


All club members should have a folder in the club room.  If you do not see a folder with your skater’s last name, please alert a board member.


Lockers are available to all club members.  The cost is $10 for the calendar year, July 1- June 30. Lockers 1, 4, 7, 13 & 40 are currently available.  You MUST speak or correspond with Bob Gustafson to confirm your locker number.


Please respect Bode’s wishes to change into skates in the designated areas: club room, locker rooms or out by the rink.  We want to keep the lobby clean and inviting and smelling like yummy concessions~ not like stinky feet!